Red Shiba Inu Collection Enamel Pins FULL SET [10 PCS]

Full set of red Shiba Inu pins from the Shiba Inu Collection!

Features 10 super cute red Shiba Inu hard enamel pins that are perfect for Shiba Inu lovers and fans. 

These hard enamel pins can be used to decorate your work apron, lanyard, bag, jacket, hat, or to collect on your pin board so that you will never forget about these good-natured and confident pups no matter where you go.

These lapel pins come with two pin backs with rubber clutches to stay securely in place. 

With two pin backs, your pin will be held secure and will not spin around or upside down on your jacket or bag.

Rubber clutches also provide much better grip than standard butterfly clutches so that your pins are super secure wherever you pin them!

For additional peace of mind, consider adding complimenting Deluxe Locking Pin Backs for an extra secure lock.


★ Hard enamel

★ Gold plating

★ Approximately 1.25" (32 mm) to 1.5 (38 mm) on longest side

★ Two pin backs, rubber clutches

★ Note: Color of rubber clutch may vary based on availability

★ Features Flair Fighter back stamp on the back of pin for authenticity

Customer Reviews

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great quality

the packaging was well done and the pins are worth every penny