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Let's Get Hammered Hammerhead Shark Enamel Pin (Gray Variant)

“Come on, guys. Just one more shot. Take a shot with me. Come on.”

Is that the Jaws theme song we hear? No, it’s just the rhythmic tink-tink-tink of your super cute (and totally menacing) shark pins on your bags, vests, backpacks and beyond.

Each pin is fashioned out of premium hard enamel and is designed with two pin backs instead of just one. The pin is held in place using rubber clutches instead of the usual backs to ensure the pin won’t spin around and turn upside down. All of the pins you pin will be in the perfect position perpetually.

Rubber clutches also provide a much stronger hold than typical butterfly clutches, so when you drop your backpack or purse to greet your pet, they won't fall off. The hard enamel paired with the gold plating makes them ultra-durable as well, so these cutesy pins can serve their purpose for years to come.

When wearing your pins out and about. Add Deluxe Locking Pin Backs to lock your pins in place and add extra security for your pins.

★ Hard enamel body

★ Complete with gold plating

★ Measures approximately 1.5" (38 mm)

★ Complete with rubber clutches and two pin backs

★ Color of the clutches may vary slightly

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Garrett D.
great pen

Good quality pen, art is nice. I enjoy my pen.